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What users say

Many letters of appreciation have been received from users.​​​

Below are a few of their comments

I am delighted with the results of applying the Prosthetic Rim Pads ..... After a week now, I find, particularly at the end of the day, I am able to walk without winceing.. Furthermore, previous damage to my stump has healed. I wish they had been available years ago ! “

It is now four weeks since I started to wear the liners and the sore area has become less inflamed. The abrasions are healing and the pain and discomfort greatly reduced. The improvement is quite remarkable .... I am a much happier person being able to move about without the continuous pain and discomfort”

“ .... They are very comfortable to wear at the end of the stump, so it is goodbye to foam after 29 years --- thanks for your help”

“ I am writing to thank you for the relief of the rim and pressure pads. My left leg is amputated above the knee and my right below the knee. The effect is almost unbelievable - the soft sheepskin enables me to walk almost unrestricted distances without discomfort.”

“ The sheepskin seems to toughen the skin.”

“The tissue breakdown and bleeding I experienced every day, even with little activity, have stopped occurring due to the sheepskin pads. It is about time that someone understands that comfort is essential in everyday living.”

“ ,,,, as a recent amputee I have not felt safe in walking with my first leg until I tried your product .... This has now encouraged me to adapt to my prosthetic limb ... “

“.... Thanks a million ...”

The comfort of sheepskin for lower limb amputees

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