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The products

Rim Pads​​​

These pads are 70 x 140mm with a fleece length of 15mm and are supplied with a self-adhesive backing to fix them over the rim of the socket The fleece is trimmed and they are shaped in such a way that they will not interfere with the suction interface. These pads can equally be used with non-suction (belt supported) limbs.​

 ​​New - Delta Seating Pads

A new addition to the Carnegie Comfort range. Manufactured from the same high density nursing quality sheepskin; the triangular shape is specifically designed to adhere to the seating area on all

Above Knee, Through Knee and Hip Disarticulation sockets. (90mm x 90mm x 130mm)


Pressure Pads


Circular pads of 80mm diameter with 15mm fleece and a self-adhesive backing. They can be fixed anywhere inside the socket or around the rim of any Prosthesis.


Comfort Skins

Prevent pressure sores. Used on the chair, the bed, these are supplied as a complete skin with long (25mm) or short (15mm) fleece. email for a price

Soft Surface Pads​​​

Sheepskin pads (1Sheepskin pads (100 x 100mm) with 15mm flecce length and a self-adhesive backing which can be applied to any surface. They can be used on metal and other hard fixings in orthotics and prosthetics, on wheelchair armrests, footrest supports, etc.


The comfort of sheepskin for lower limb amputees

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